Grow Up presents

The Canadian Cannabis Championship

Sunday May 28 – Monday May 29 2023 • Edmonton Convention Centre

Grow Up is proud to bring The Canadian Cannabis Championship to Alberta, Sunday May 28th, 2023 at the Edmonton Convention Centre. The top licensed producers in cannabis flower and hash/extracts/concentrates will be competing for the title of best in Canada by live judging in the Grow Up Consumption Lounge.

Judging will be done live in front of delegates and ranked on 4 categories. Appearance (trichomes) Aroma (terpenes) Ash Test (smoke test) and Overall Enjoyment. Parts of the judging will be streamed live to social media. Everyone is encourage to come watch as this epic event takes place. You must be 18+ and have a pass to enter the Grow Up consumption lounge.

Congratulations to

The 2022 Canadian Cannabis Championship Winners

Held in Niagara Falls, ON, September 11th

Flower Winners

1st – Reef Organic (Queen SanG)
2nd – LowKey by MTL Cannabis (Dessert – Apple Fritter)
3rd – Stewart Farms (Daily Grape)

Hash Winners

1st – Final Bell (Beurre Blanc – bubble hash)
2nd – Lady Jane Labs (Banana Punch #9 x G.M.O.)
3rd – Great Gardener Farms (Barbara Bud Live Rosin)


Congratulations to all of our 2022 Flower Finalists.

Thank you to our 2022 participating sponsors and suppliers
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All finalists for the 2022 Canadian Cannabis Championship received a prize pack from Aelius LED.

FIRST PLACE – $10,000 in Aelius LED Lighting
SECOND PLACE – $5,000 in Aelius LED Lighting
THIRD PLACE – $2,500 in Aelius LED Lighting
All Runner-ups – Box of 4 – 20w Clone Lights ($180 value)


Congratulations to all of our 2022 Hash Finalists.